Goa is such a state in India which is well-known by the people of the world. It is also a very calling state in the world of the tourism. This state has capability to attract tourists from every part of this world for very past time. Some of the tourists have planned to settle in this state permanently. It is a coastal state and having large number of beautiful beaches.

The majority of tourists are from united state of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and many more. They all come there to explore the Nature, beaches, historical buildings, culture and get an opportunity to meet the people of different land. They meet each other and share knowledge of culture, living style, and ideology. People from all part of the world come here with vacant hands and return back with much knowledge and memories. These sweet memories keep them fresh during their whole life. Travelers come at Goa for a season it has several naturally calling locations and sites for them. Their destination has several pubs, casinos and bars. Whoever comes at Goa never return back with dejected.

People who come at South Goa find it cheap to visit than other destinations of other countries. In south Goa there is much peace and harmony so the outsiders like it much. Some foreigners are residing there and their culture binds the tourists. The beaches, historical places, modern and old styled hotels and resorts are quite worthy to the satisfaction of people. Environment of night clubbing is the most liking of people of western countries. Availability of soft and hard drinks of several brands with reasonable price is for the amusement of tourists. This part of Goa is easily reachable from any part of the Glob. Tour of this state is highly pleasurable.

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India is a beautiful country which is surrounded by the Great Himalayas. In the north, Indian Ocean in the south, Hills of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh ranges of Himalayas in the East, And Great desert of Rajasthan in the west. There is a beautiful place Goa also which is located near the area of Arabian Ocean. It is one of the most calling the hottest tourism places for the people of all countries of world. Millions of people come there year to enjoy and marry making. This state is very peaceful and beautiful from all points of view.

People of this state are very friendly with all kinds of people. The culture of Goa accepts the people of all interests and all cultures in their society and at Goa. Goa being under the rule of foreigners for various centuries has seen several down falls and ups in its history. People of this state like their culture very much. They like Goa and very proud of their state Goa. They are able to speak various languages. The majority of population is consists of Hindus and people of other religion are living there with peace and harmony.

There you will get to see various beaches, historical monuments and buildings and are in old and modern style. Various hotels and resorts of different categories built in modern style can be availed according to the budget of people. Churches, parks, beaches, culture and climate of Goa are quite suitable. People who have visited this state one time are sure to reach their again and again. Festivals of Goa are being celebrated with great rejoicing. Sea food is the choice of the local people and the tasty dishes are in demand by the outsiders also. Goa is one of the jewels of south Indian tourist places.

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One of my favorite vacation places is Goa, because of the people, the water and the beach – of course – and the architecture on Goa Beach is so wonderful.


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I had such a lovely time on the GOA (April 2016), thank you so much for all of your help with my questions, I appreciate to you. I saw many of the usual travel site but the thing that made honeymoon trip unforgettable was the incredible attention to detail and the opportunity to see Goa through the eyes of someone who sees beyond the surface. I highly recommend this place to people who love clean rooms/beaches, great food, and excellent customer service!

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North GOA is unbelievable. This is absolutely the best region of the goa I have ever been on in my life. I love the beaches, people, the food and, well, of course the fabrics. I never want to leave.

Yash Aradhya

Arrived in goa after a delightful stay in mumbai. The trip was everything promised and even more. IN wonderful beachland goa I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s worth taking more than once. Again, such a great trip and thank you so much for all the planning.

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I enjoy a Goa vacation. I’m just having a wonderful time. A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. A Goa vacation spot out of season always has a very special magic.


I had the time of my life in GOA. Everything was organized and so much fun. Perfect combination of activities and well resort. Thank you for organising so well our transfers and trips.

Susan Malhotra

I love to be outdoors, so I love Goa; I miss it so much in every summers. I miss the beach, the peace it brings you. I love the sound and smell of the sea. I love to be bike and go to the beach.


I love the beach, and I love sunshine. There’re not many places in the world where one can get to the beach in 1 hour, the desert in 2 hours and snowboarding or skiing in 3 hours. You can do all that in GOA.


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